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Click on the link below to find pricing info, teacher availability and book your first lesson! 

Summer Session 2024 begins on July 8th 


Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of music lessons does the studio offer?

At Market Square Music Academy, we offer private lessons in the ares of piano, voice, guitar, and ukulele for students k-12 and adult learners. Our specialty is 1:1 study between student and teacher, which allows for a highly individualized lesson plan. We welcome students from absolute beginners to advanced students looking to further hone their craft further. Before scheduling an introductory lesson, we recommend reading the teacher bios on the Faculty page to learn more about their areas of specialty and availability. 

How do I know what lesson times are available?

Open the lesson booking page above and choose a 30, 45, or 60 minute single lesson, then select a teacher to see their availability calendar. Select a time and complete the new student form to complete your booking. When signing up for a recurring package of lessons, you will receive a confirmation email with a link to schedule your lessons. We are open Monday-Thursdays in the afternoons and early evenings and Sunday afternoons by appointment only. If you don't see a time that works for you, please email

Are there any age requirements?

When you read information about our teachers on the Faculty Page, you will see that each of our teachers accept students starting at different ages and that some also accept adult students for daytime/evening openings. In our experience, we find that Kindergarden or first grade is a great age to start piano lessons and that piano is a wonderful instrument to learn to read music on. We suggest starting with a trial lesson to make sure your student is ready and that you have found the right fit of teacher for them.  Young students will need a lot of support at home to establish a practice routine and help them care for their instrument, but can be very successful and make incredibly fast progress with consistency.

What kind of packages of lessons are there?

We offer single lessons, packages of 4 lessons and packages of 12 lessons, with different pricing discounts for larger packages of lessons. You can click on the Online Booking Page button above to launch the booking site and see all of the pricing information. Single lessons are perfect for a trial lesson or someone who is looking to schedule a handful of  no-commitment lessons. Our discounted packages are reserved for students who are making a commitment to weekly lessons with the same teacher at the same time. The monthly and quarterly subscription packages hold your credit card on file and charge once a month for 4 lessons or once every three months for 12 lessons so you never have to remember to pay for lessons or send a check. 


What do I need to bring to a first lesson?
Our three instructional studios are outfitted with acoustic pianos, metronomes, whiteboards and we carry a variety of music books. If you are studying guitar, ukulele, violin or trombone, please bring your instrument. If you don't have one, your teacher will be able to consult at the trial lesson and give suggestions for where to buy/rent. Other than that, you can feel free to bring any music books from previous study, pieces you would like to work on, a bag or tote for books/handouts, and a water bottle for voice students to stay hydrated. After the first lesson, your teacher will be able to assign books or materials for you to print at home or purchase. 

What do we need at home to make practicing successful? 

Home practice is an incredibly important aspect of studying music. Students who have a good practice space, strong parental support and practice habits end up making faster progress, feel more confident in their abilities and in turn end up enjoying their lessons more! 

We strongly recommend that piano students invest in an acoustic piano or a full keyboard with weighted keys and a metronome. Violin, guitar and ukulele students need a quality instrument, tuner/app, and a music stand. Voice students should have a music stand and access to a keyboard is beneficial. Most of all, students need a quiet space to focus and a lot of encouragement. Some students will need practice charts and reward systems to get them in a good practice routine. Music lessons are a significant investment in your child's education and you want to make sure you get return on investment by making sure they attend lessons weekly, are punctual and prepared to get the most out of their experience.

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