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Read some kind words from our clients and students

"Miss Erica is an excellent piano teacher. Our son has been learning piano from her for the past two years and he absolutely loves his classes. Miss Erica is very good with kids, she mixes equal amounts of fun and challenges in her class. She is very patient with her students and she works with them as they gain confidence playing a song. We have seen our son's confidence grow over the past two years. The music recitals are a great way to get students together and our son absolutely loves them. In a recent recital, we were pleasantly thrilled to see him perform “Fur Elise” with confidence. In these recitals, we often see multiple siblings from the same family perform different songs, which is testament to Miss Erica’s mentorship skills. We are glad that our son is a student of Market Square Music Academy and we can’t wait to enroll our daughter soon."

-The Tenneti Family

"My teacher here is amazing, she helped me so much with solo singing as well as auditions for choral ensembles (regionals, all state, nationals). My lessons have always been professional and very educational, honestly I just have so much to thank for."

- Amy Song 

"Erica’s teaching style is perfect for my kids.  She makes piano lessons fun and age appropriate but also holds them to a high standard. They are able to choose some of their own music along with the classical pieces and are also developing their knowledge of music theory. My daughter has also worked to combine vocals with her playing and I would highly recommend Erica for vocal instruction as well!"

- The Cunningham Family

"I started going to Erica for lessons at 14 when I could barely hold a tune. After 4 full years of classes and the occasional return, the confidence I have in my voice has improved dramatically. Not just internally did I see changes, but the amount of others that also found value in my newfound voice also accumulated. After many compliments of improvement from my choir director and acceptance into regional music festivals, I knew I could have never prepared or improved without the guidance and support from Erica, founder of Market Square Music Academy. She knows her stuff -- from theory to vocal anatomy to best practices to foreign languages to a variety of singing genres, etc -- her and her fellow teachers have got it all!"

- Megan Aloise

"Erica has been a wonderful fit as a piano teacher for our two children. Her approach suits them both very well, despite their individual personalities and learning styles. She takes the time to build relationships with each of them, which has a tremendously positive impact on their interest in piano. As parents, we appreciate her professionalism and quality of the instruction that she provides. The enthusiasm, kindness and patience that Erica exhibits so naturally in each lesson demonstrate that she is just as talented a teacher as she is a musician."

- The Hryn Family 

"Erica is a great piano and voice teacher. I have learned a lot more than just how to play notes. My sight-reading skills have improved and she’s coached me to keep a more consistent tempo.  Also, Erica makes sure I thoroughly understand what I play, and clears up any confusion. My musical vocabulary has expanded greatly through my experience. During my voice lessons, Erica is helping me strengthen my mixed voice, which is using my chest voice (the muscles you use to speak normally) and my head voice (the muscles you use to sing in a higher range) at the same time. She is also working with me on how to direct my sound and use my air without sounding breathy. She is patient and she pushes me to keep growing as a musician."

    - Sophia Pegolo

Thank you!

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